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Posted Date: June 25, 2009
How did Marilyn Monroe change the world, and how are we still impacted by what she did?
Hello, I just thought I would just give my little opinion on how I think Marilyn has impacted the world. I'm not the worlds greatest speaker, or writer, I'm sure you'll agree that what you're about to read probably won't change lives, but I#ll just speak from the heart.

In my opinion, Marilyn Monroe has had a HUGE impact onpop culture, you can ask anyone in the street who Marilyn Monroe is and they will be able to tell you, yeah ok, I don't think the average person on the street would know much about Marilyn past the "White Upskirt" photographs, but she is still THAT recognised, that you could merely say her first name, or show a picture of her in that white dress and people will instantly know who she is. In the same way Elvis can be recognised by his white jumpsuits and John Lennon can be recognised by the round shaped glasses. Outwith the die hard fans, Marilyn is seen as more of an "icon" or an "image" these days, rather than a human being. They see her as a face on a mug, or a t-shirt, rather than the sweet, warm, kind, caring human being she was. But that's just all part of how much of a legend she has become. I think time has been extremely kind to her memory, she is seen all over the world as sort of, the 'ultimate female', the symbol of sex and beauty and youth and hollywood glamour. Which, by any standards, is not something to be unhappy about!

Within the Mailyn community, she has made an even bigger impact. You have the truely amazing fans, the ones that have loved her since she was still with us. I really look up to them, as they are living proof of Marilyns lasting power and legend. Imagine, a female actress SO loved and respected that people still love her 47 years after her death! that's something pretty special. What boggles my mind the most, is that, if you think about it, Marilyns' superstar status never took off until 1953 with the release of Niagara and she died in 1962, that's 9 years... only 9 years worth of career and yet, here we are 47 years later and she's still as well known, loved and respected as ever. Another testimony to her legend and power is that she is still able to gain new fans all the time, I'm living proof of that, I became a fan 40 years after she died.

Marilyn HAS changed the world, with her iconic films and unforgettable images, she will NEVER be forgotten.

Lorraine xx

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shirley commented on July 13, 2009 11:20 AM:

A very nice blog. I agree Marilyn has changed the POP culture, she's now the part of it. And yes, everyone knows her, even after 47 years!

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alexbranning commented on June 25, 2009 3:21 PM:

Lorraine I absolutely loved this blog, thank you for sharing!


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