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It would be simply amazing if we could have a list of everyone's top one or a few Marilyn books. Whether biography, picture or fiction, wouldn't it be neat to know which ones this community likes best? Please post the names and authors of your favorite Marilyn books and maybe a little something about why they're your favorite.

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derbie77  Posted: June 23, 2013
Hi everyone...I am brand new on this site and of course love MM,particularly MM books,which is how I found you guys....Im know this sounds cringey but I am looking for friends,within your community...few of my friends share my passion for MM!!I don't have a clue what im doing and I wondered if you could tell me how it all works??
How to upload a photo of myself and write a profile etc??
Have loved MM since watching Some Like It Hot with my mum when I was parents bought me Monroe...Her Life In Pictures,by James Spada that Xmas and I have been collecting MM books ever since....I must have about 250 or so now....
I do hope that I can make some friends and that some kind soul can tell me how everything works!!
Take care,
Derbie 😁
siomonroe  Posted: March 29, 2012
Has anyone checked out Metamorphisis yet? It's sooo good, I love all the photos and quotes. I can get lost in that one!
vintagesonia  Posted: August 18, 2011
just purchased marilyn monroe star dossier one tryed to google this book is this out of print does anyone know if this is quite hard to get its by richard day,,
vintage sonia
mymarilyn  Posted: January 13, 2011
Marilyn Monroe confidental.....I'm kinda ambivalent about it, I like knowing what happened between Marilyn and Arthur on a day to day basis, yet for the author to sidclose such things as Marilyn's personal habits and her problems with her digestive system was a bit too much for me to read, yet like a car crash; you know your not suppose to look but can't help it! Anyone have thoughts on this book by Lena Pepitone?
mari7lyn  Posted: August 20, 2010
Anybody read "My Story: Illustrated Edition" by Marilyn Monroe? I want to get it sometime.
marilynmonroeforever Replied: February 22, 2012
I have it and it is my personal favorite, just because of the edition, it is so well done. looks so classic, the hard cover is shiny and a high quality cover, definetly a collector's item
twilight_princess  Posted: August 01, 2009
I'm reading Marilyn Monroe: Unseen Archives
its got lots of pictures of her from birth to death
somelikeithot  Posted: July 31, 2009
In the german TV, Channel Phoenix, is a documentary "Marilyn against Monroe" to see on august 11 and 18. With many rare photos from Milton Greene. This documentary is about the connection between Marilyn and Greene. This film was also seen on July, 30. It was very interesting !!! See for more information:
joanna  Posted: July 29, 2009
I`m reading "The secret life of Marilyn Monroe"-J.Randy Taraborrelli and I simply love it !
katiedm Replied: October 05, 2010
Great Book !
somelikeithot  Posted: July 25, 2009
I love the book from Zolotov. A little view on the real Marilyn ?
marilynmonroefan1976  Posted: July 14, 2009
I am reading Blonde. Its fiction but its not an easy read and I try to remember while reading what is true and not true. I don't know if I would recommend it. Anybody else read this? love, Christine xo
normajean333  Posted: July 03, 2009
Lunapic Photo Editing
cherie  Posted: June 25, 2009
Just reviewed Marilyn Mon Amour and Marilyn: An Appreciation in my blogs.....let me know your opinions on them!
savvy_designs  Posted: June 24, 2009

love savvy
paulmatthewwalsh  Posted: June 17, 2009
The Complete Last Sitting ... amazing for both a fan of Marilyn and a Photography student! Private & Undisclosed is another winner. Currently reading Matthew Smith's 'The Men Who Murdered Marilyn', quite complex and detailed about the mystery surrounding her death but an interesting read nevertheless.
cherie  Posted: June 17, 2009
Need help... I'm wanting to add an Andre de Dienes book to the collection since he's way at the top of my list for photographers....however, I'm on a budget and can only get one right now.....recommendations????
cherie Replied: June 18, 2009
Never mind, I just bought Marilyn Mon Amour, since it's my favorite photo shoot
marilynmonroeforever Replied: February 22, 2012
the large version of their beach shoot and the one where she's at the house and bed etc.. it goes for $300 but I got the medium version in spain it was $20 and it had all of the pictures, maybe you could find it online
shar  Posted: June 17, 2009
Marilyn's first biography by Maurice Zolotow that was written whilst she was still alive is unmissable for a Marilyn fan! Fred Lawrence Guiles - Norma Jeane ~ The Life and Death of Marilyn Monroe is a great read, whilst Goddess leaves a lot to be desired in the fact that Summers quotes from Slatzer and Carmen (you can't take that seriously!) and of course he published the very disrespectful mortuary photo - however, it does still have a place on the Marilyn fan's bookshelf - though read it with a large pinch of salt! My favourite bio is by Donald Spoto - Marilyn Monroe ~ The Biography - seems to me much more level headed and less sensational that other biographys. I would recommend Eunice Murray's book 'Marilyn the last months'. For photographic perfection it's hard to beat Milton's Marilyn by Joshua Greene. The Last Sitting is a beautiful book but when viewing it, remember - Marilyn did not approve of many of the images! Nonetheless, I think it's a very beautiful book. Having said all that - as a totally obsessed Marilyn book collector - with a few exceptions I don't think there is a single book on Marilyn that is not worth having!
cherie Replied: June 17, 2009
Donald Spoto's is my favorite biography, too! I haven't read Eunice Murray's book, but I don't know how much I'd trust it since I'm so suspicious of her already! And you're absolutely right about anyone who cites Slatzer and Carmen- I remember watching a documentary and being completely aggravated that they were the only two commentators!
signorinasirena Replied: June 23, 2009
Spoto's was my first biography of hers. Since then, I've read some unflattering things about his technique and low-key sensationalism. Has anyone else heard/read anything like that about the Spoto book?
cherie Replied: June 24, 2009
I haven't, but if there's any disputing what he writes I'd love to read it....I'd hate to walk around recommending somebody who's been disproven!
shar Replied: July 08, 2009
I'm with Cherie - I'd like to read the negative criticism of Spoto as I found him to be very levelhanded in his portrayal of Marilyn and I felt quite the reverse - that he did not sensationalise her - that he just gave the facts as could be verified - I can't imagine there is a single biographer out there that can do the perfect job - there are so many opinions and perceptions of every Marilyn event in history! xxx
joeysaved  Posted: June 16, 2009
My Favorites are:

1. The MMM Girl -- Tara Hanks
2. Marilyn Monroe: Private and Undisclosed -- Michelle Morgan
3. The Marilyn Monroe Treasures -- Jenna Glatzer
4. Milton's Marilyn -- Joshua Greene
5. The Last Sitting -- Bert Stern
merja  Posted: June 15, 2009
Please see my blog on MM books... I have a list of the books that I own there.... feel free to ask for recommendations etc as I am a complete bookahlolic ;)
merja  Posted: June 15, 2009
Please see my blog... I wrote a blog on Marilyn books... feel free to ask me for referrals etc as I am a complete bookaholic ;)
tiffeni  Posted: June 13, 2009
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hannah  Posted: June 12, 2009
I know there is alot of contrevey around this one, the ghost writer deal and whatnot (i dont believe it.) BUT....
My Story by Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn's Last Words by Matthew Smith
AND....The Complete Last Sitting by Bert Stern and Annie Gottlieb
tarahanks  Posted: June 12, 2009
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cherie  Posted: June 12, 2009
Love, love , love The Ultimate Look At the Legend by James Haspiel....he writes about her with such respect and reverence, and I love that a fan of hers could become a friend of hers.....first Marlyn book I ever bought.....
shar Replied: June 17, 2009
I love this book too! Some stunning candid photos aswell!
signorinasirena  Posted: June 11, 2009
So far, my favorite book is (believe it or not) "The Marilyn Monroe Treasures" by Jenna Glatzer. I am terribly addicted to books with pull-out facsimiles. I know it isn't known for the content, but the idea is so novel that I can't help it.
shar Replied: June 17, 2009
I haven't seen this yet - but it sounds great!
cherie Replied: June 19, 2009
have you been to melinda's website, marilynandthecamera? She actually owns MM's and Joe's honeymoon tickets and loaned them for that book. It's a great website!
signorinasirena Replied: June 23, 2009
Oh I know! I am so jealous but happy that she's so kind!