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From her platinum locks to her glamorous wardrobe, she set a standard for American beauty that no one else could match. This is Marilyn!

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Marilyn Monroe has spread the word "wow" over the United States and Europe for over six decades. Gathering confidence as she grew older, Miss Monroe told America that she had a style and she wasn’t going to change it. From her platinum locks to her glamourus wardrobe, she set a standard for American beauty that no one else could match.

Ever since she was born Norma Jeane Mortensen, everyone around her knew she was not just your average little girl. At the age of four she decided she wanted her father’s last name- Baker. She lived with her mother Gladys Baker who was sent to an insane asylum when Norma was only six years old. Norma Jeane lived with approximately nine foster families until she was 12 and sent to the local orphanage.

Marilyn's legal guardian she arranged that she be married to the boy next door, James, when she was only 16. During the newly-weds marriage, James was drafted into the Navy for four years. In that time away from each other, Norma Jeane began to pursue her childhood dream: acting. Not knowing how to get started, she was approached one day by a talent scout. He got her a modeling job, and thats when her career begun.

Though she cherished having real biological father’s name, she took the studio’s advice and took the first name Marilyn and her grandmother’s name Monroe. Through many photo shoots and interviews with scouts on the side, she finally made her way into her first movie, The Shocking Miss Pilgrim, as an extra on the set. As Marilyn Monroe, she gained popularity after small roles in Asphalt Jungle and All About Eve. In 1954 she married the American baseball legend, Joe DiMaggio. Nine months later they were divorced due to "career conflict differences".

Feeling the need to shed her image as the typical Hollywood shallow blonde, Monroe took some time off to take acting classes. In June of 1956, she married the great playwright Arthur Miller. He wrote the western The Misfits especially for his wife, Monroe co-starred with Clark Gable, her childhood idol. The couple divorced in 1961, just months after The Misfits came out as Monroe’s last completed film.

On August 5th, 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her California home at the age of 36. Marilyn Monroe left a mark on the world that can never be changed. She set the standards for modeling and acting that no one can ever even attempt to meet. She was the ultimate role model for young women and girls who admired her glamour and image.

Somehow her name will always remain sacred; people with the last name ‘Monroe’ will name their child anything but Marilyn, keeping the name sterilized and untouched.

Marilyn Monroe is so much more than an actress. She is a symbol, a legend, an icon of America and for America. This is Marilyn.

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